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Is also known as the study of excellence, and how to replicate it. We will work with a variety of NLP techniques to help increase your success in business, build up your confidence and break down limiting beliefs.




How good would life be if you can undo all negative emotions from past events? Memories from the past that contain Anger • Sadness • Fear • Hurt • Guilt • can be neutralised through the powerful technique of Time Line Therapy and this will allow you to put your energy back to all the positive building blocks you want to shape your future with.




The subconscious mind is where every memory and all our behaviour is stored. Think of the subconscious mind as a rugby field and the conscious mind as the ball. In day to day life, we’re trying to influence our subconscious mind with our conscious mind. You might think that to change your behaviour you need logic and a very strong will.  This is a very time-consuming approach. If we can directly speak to the subconscious mind and make changes there, the conscious mind automatically follows, and that is what we’re doing in hypnotherapy.